Friday, December 11, 2009

Peace Nobel for Obama!

Yes, they have given the Nobel peace prize to the war president.

By the same standards, following people should get the following awards:

1) Mayawati to get Austerity Award
2) Raj Thakrey to get National Integration Award
3) Manmohan Singh to get Strongman of India Award
4) Sonia Gandhi to get His Master's (Inner) Voice Award
5) Narendra Modi can ask Obama to share the Award with him
6) Salman Khan to get the Bollywood young Achiever Award
7) Mulayam / Mayawati to be fecilitated with All India Brahmin Committee's Achiever Award
8) Osama to get Most Seen Celebrity on TV Award
9) Himesh Reshmiya to get Oscar for Best Singer/Actor.

I rest my case.

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