Saturday, August 14, 2010

Independence(!) Day

My small poem on India's 64th Independence day
Time is to think of those who had to perish
so that the we had the independence to cherish

Time to think why we need to pay bribe
to get our own passports from our tribe

Time to think why those who rule us today
seem so much worse than those of yesterday

Time to think why we riot and spill the blood
in the name of religion and caste of the herd

Time to think why we STILL have child labour
And villages without electricity and drinking water

Time to think why we have so many farmer suicides
And nobody’s bothered while the other India ‘Shines’?

Time to ask if we really deserve this independence?
Oh Mahatma, looks like you erred in this for once…
- Ranjeet Adkar

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday, December 11, 2009

Peace Nobel for Obama!

Yes, they have given the Nobel peace prize to the war president.

By the same standards, following people should get the following awards:

1) Mayawati to get Austerity Award
2) Raj Thakrey to get National Integration Award
3) Manmohan Singh to get Strongman of India Award
4) Sonia Gandhi to get His Master's (Inner) Voice Award
5) Narendra Modi can ask Obama to share the Award with him
6) Salman Khan to get the Bollywood young Achiever Award
7) Mulayam / Mayawati to be fecilitated with All India Brahmin Committee's Achiever Award
8) Osama to get Most Seen Celebrity on TV Award
9) Himesh Reshmiya to get Oscar for Best Singer/Actor.

I rest my case.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jairam Ramesh - Get a life!

When Union Environment MinisterJairam Ramesh visited Bhopal in Sept this year, activists and victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy had high hopes. Instead, he picked up a fistful of Toxic Waste and stated "I am still alive" as if to mock the victims and their stand on the after effects of this toxic waste.

WTF? If this is what our minister can say to the Junta who has been denied justice for no less than 25 years of disabled, crippled and something that can hardly be called as life, he is no less than the infamous Marie Antoinette

Alive? Go get a life, Ramesh!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

26 / 11 - Has anything changed?

26/11 1st Anniversary - Has anything changed?
1 year back I was sitting in my hall watching the attacks live on TV.
1 year later I was sitting in my hall watching the debates on TV.
Mumbai's fighting spirit? Sure... we fight for the remote of the TV.
Mumbai's return to normalcy? Sure...we need our money and we love it...anything for it.
Mumbai's fight for justice? Sure... We love justice and want it, but may be we can talk about it. over the dinner in the new Global Fusion restaurant that has opened in Bandra?
Mumbai mourns the martyrs? Sure, we feel sad for their families and also for Mrs Sharma who lost her diamond ring the other day...robbers are soooo commonplace no?
Mumbai....Citizens....Marathi Manus....Terrorism... rights...duties...tears...justice...
Its suffocating....Let's go to Lonavala over the weekend....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's in a surname? Ask SRK!

I never quite was / am fancied by my surname, but I sure like it all of a sudden!

Jokes apart, apparently SRK -'The King' was offended because he was harassed anddetained at a US airport because he had a surname that was allegedly common in the terrorists.

And then there was an uproar!

The bollywood and 'patriotic' fans were up in arms against the US high-headedness and the Indian govt formally launched a complaint. Ambika Soni then topped it all by suggesting we do the same to 'them'!


I can actually imagine the following conversation at Patiala Airport:

(Basic Assumtion: All white skinned peeples are Amrikans)

Sheekurtee (Security is fondly called this in this part of the world) : So, your name you say is Brett Lee?Eh?

Brett: Er, yes. Is there a problem?

Sheekurtee (looking at Constable RamSingh and sniggering): Prablem? Hah! Saala bolta hai ki praablem ki hai...Arre Mr Lee, my wife was very fond of Bruce Lee and she finally eloped with a Chinese man with same surname. So you are not going to go anywhere out of my sight so soon.

Brett Lee: Huh? What? When? OMG!

Sheekurtee: (Winking at Constable Ram Singh) Ab to govt ne bhi green signal diya hai in saalon ki @*((*@&(*@(@(( ke liye, kyu? Ha Ha Ha Ha...Aa jaao, come here, Mr Lee. ..

Brett Lee : (Sweats in his pants already)

OK, now seriously, SRK is just another Khan for the US Security airport. And that is what he should be. The Indian Govt stand is completely illogical as is the stand of security officer if he was acting out of his own suspiscions based on surnames (Unless the US govt security checklist states to suspect all those with the surname Khan etc).

The world is surely a funny place, unless you are an SRK.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna faces the moment of truth!

In a bizarre incident, the government has sent a show cause notice to a TV channel for airing a show called Sach ka Saamna!.

This caused it -
The SP’s Kamal Akhtar raised the matter in the Rajya Sabha today, saying contestants were being asked “obscene questions” about their personal lives in front of their family members. The show was against “Indian culture”, he said, and cited an instance where a woman was asked in the presence of her husband whether she had thought of committing adultery. The woman replied in the negative, but the polygraph test showed she was not speaking the truth, Akhtar said.

Obscene???? Against Indian Culture???? And Samajwadi Party SP???
Someone pass me some Oxygen please...

If the questions asked are obscene and against the so called Indian culture, shouldn’t we first demolish the Khajuraho and all other temples which are completely in-your-face against the so called “Indian culture” and instead put up Mayawati (solo and decent) statues there?

If you dont like a show, change the channel, man!

Just when you think that the Indian politicians have hit the pits, they come up with a beauty like this...

Makes me wonder if they will ever face the moments of truth in their lives!!!