Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna faces the moment of truth!

In a bizarre incident, the government has sent a show cause notice to a TV channel for airing a show called Sach ka Saamna!.

This caused it -
The SP’s Kamal Akhtar raised the matter in the Rajya Sabha today, saying contestants were being asked “obscene questions” about their personal lives in front of their family members. The show was against “Indian culture”, he said, and cited an instance where a woman was asked in the presence of her husband whether she had thought of committing adultery. The woman replied in the negative, but the polygraph test showed she was not speaking the truth, Akhtar said.

Obscene???? Against Indian Culture???? And Samajwadi Party SP???
Someone pass me some Oxygen please...

If the questions asked are obscene and against the so called Indian culture, shouldn’t we first demolish the Khajuraho and all other temples which are completely in-your-face against the so called “Indian culture” and instead put up Mayawati (solo and decent) statues there?

If you dont like a show, change the channel, man!

Just when you think that the Indian politicians have hit the pits, they come up with a beauty like this...

Makes me wonder if they will ever face the moments of truth in their lives!!!

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