Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Live Mayawati! I mean Megawati!

I think that Behenji Mayawati must be the only leader elected democratically who is installing her own larger than life statues in her state! And as even the Supreme Court refuses to stop her, she is truly unstoppable. The likes of Thakereys, Lalus, Jayalalithas and Sonias in all their glorious years have nowhere managed to do anything like this before. Shame on you, guys. Way to go, Mayawati.

In fact, I also have the following suggestions:
1) You also remove existing statues of un-important people like Gandhiji etc and install your own huge ones (I mean statues) there.
2) Why not also introduce an entire chapter in the history books of school children dedicated to you?
3) Name the institutions, roads etc only after you. Distinguishers can be Behenji Mayawati Road #1, Road # 2...Road no. 6777329 etc. This will not only allow your name to be echoed all throughout the state, you can also undertake to prepare mega roads for Dalits and other downtrodden communities in order to show your social cause (I am not even mentioning the humongous chance of super-corruption for you therein) and in turn get them named after you.
4) OK, they talk about you, they read about you and also they see you all around. Good. What else can we do? ummm...Yes, get mega projects like Taj Corridor etc and name them after you. But that is only repeating the above point...
5) OK, how about the TV sets in all UP houses showing only your image one corner of the TV with other useless stuff in remaining portion? Rather, they should show the useless stuff in one corner and the rest of the portion should be hogged by you.
6) Also, in the next tenure, lets talk about converting all your statues into Gold - that will be grand, eh?

I guess I should stop now.
Long live Mayawati, er...Megawati!!!


MJ said...

I wish someone would commission a detailed study to find stuff named after political personalities after 1947. No prizes for guessing which family would top the list. Poor Behen Mayawati-ji has to catch up with 60+ years of backlog and she's just got 5 years. Bloggers, leave her alone will ya.

Coming back to the study it could be titled "The trends in nomenclature of publicly funded entities". Sounds like good project for History/Political science students or even b-school students don't you think? ;)

Cuckoo said...

I have linked this post to Blogbharti. Expect some readers here.

Cuckoo said...

Here is the link

Ranjeet said...

MJ: You are right. You know the study can not only be about naming, but also renaming !!! Also, it takes real, unbashed, in-your-face (and shameless) guts to try and do it all in 5 years! Isn't she awesome?

Cuckoo: Thanks!