Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's in a surname? Ask SRK!

I never quite was / am fancied by my surname, but I sure like it all of a sudden!

Jokes apart, apparently SRK -'The King' was offended because he was harassed anddetained at a US airport because he had a surname that was allegedly common in the terrorists.

And then there was an uproar!

The bollywood and 'patriotic' fans were up in arms against the US high-headedness and the Indian govt formally launched a complaint. Ambika Soni then topped it all by suggesting we do the same to 'them'!


I can actually imagine the following conversation at Patiala Airport:

(Basic Assumtion: All white skinned peeples are Amrikans)

Sheekurtee (Security is fondly called this in this part of the world) : So, your name you say is Brett Lee?Eh?

Brett: Er, yes. Is there a problem?

Sheekurtee (looking at Constable RamSingh and sniggering): Prablem? Hah! Saala bolta hai ki praablem ki hai...Arre Mr Lee, my wife was very fond of Bruce Lee and she finally eloped with a Chinese man with same surname. So you are not going to go anywhere out of my sight so soon.

Brett Lee: Huh? What? When? OMG!

Sheekurtee: (Winking at Constable Ram Singh) Ab to govt ne bhi green signal diya hai in saalon ki @*((*@&(*@(@(( ke liye, kyu? Ha Ha Ha Ha...Aa jaao, come here, Mr Lee. ..

Brett Lee : (Sweats in his pants already)

OK, now seriously, SRK is just another Khan for the US Security airport. And that is what he should be. The Indian Govt stand is completely illogical as is the stand of security officer if he was acting out of his own suspiscions based on surnames (Unless the US govt security checklist states to suspect all those with the surname Khan etc).

The world is surely a funny place, unless you are an SRK.


Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

Mentally we are still slaves though we are a so called FREE country. When our ex-president was insulted in the same manner, the government should have taken strong action against it. Can we or any other country dare to hold Obama for security check like this?

MJ said...

Indian Express is carrying a story about SRK's clarification on this issue. Here's a snippet from that story:

He (SRK) said that if a ''tit for tat'' policy was to be followed, then he would love to be allowed to frisk Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox.

Actually Sarook (His name is Khan BTW) wants to frisk Brad, but can't admit it, so is using Ms Jolie's name.

देखा तुमने ... सारूक-कान कितनी दूऽऽऽऽर की सोचता है