Saturday, August 14, 2010

Independence(!) Day

My small poem on India's 64th Independence day
Time is to think of those who had to perish
so that the we had the independence to cherish

Time to think why we need to pay bribe
to get our own passports from our tribe

Time to think why those who rule us today
seem so much worse than those of yesterday

Time to think why we riot and spill the blood
in the name of religion and caste of the herd

Time to think why we STILL have child labour
And villages without electricity and drinking water

Time to think why we have so many farmer suicides
And nobody’s bothered while the other India ‘Shines’?

Time to ask if we really deserve this independence?
Oh Mahatma, looks like you erred in this for once…
- Ranjeet Adkar


Aarthi said...

Good Food for thought.

Ranjeet said...

Thanks pops!